“You are a wonderful instructor and prenatal yoga class really helped me get back in touch with my center and reintegrate body, mind, spirit, and heart . . . and prepared me well for labor and birth.” —Heidi W.

“I just wanted to thank you personally for being such a wonderful instructor and inspiration. What I learned in your classes was integral to getting me through my birth experience . . . . Throughout my labor I consistently returned to what I learned in our yoga classes.” —Rebekah P.

“The class was so helpful to me in so many ways . . . . What’s really amazing to me is the network of other moms that I now know from the class.” —Miriam V.

The prenatal yoga classes were the best thing I did for myself during both of my pregnancies.” —Wendy P.

The yoga with Marlene, including her birth partner class really was invaluable for me for coping with pain. I was surprised how little I really was in pain. I think that the yoga really helped me to be strong throughout the labor and even now!” – Autumn F.

“Marlene, a big thank you for all the wonderful prenatal yoga classes. It was always a very important oasis for me during my whole pregnancy. I so much enjoyed the community and all of the resources we shared, as well as the beneficial poses, asanas, and relaxation. It helped me tremendously to prepare for labor. Now, I am looking forward to postpartum yoga with my baby!” – Sabine