Dear Students,

Marlene and the other instructors at Yoga Focus have decided to suspend classes for the next several weeks. The health and safety of everyone is our primary concern.  We participate in the practice of wellness and that practice should inform our decisions and lives.  Although the loss of community at a stressful time is hard for us all, our home practice is the heart of yoga. Please check back to the Yoga Focus website for ongoing updates. 

Marlene is experimenting with offering remote yoga classes by using Zoom, a video meeting tool, beginning in April. Please email me if you are interested in Zoom classes you can take in your home, and indicate whether your interest is in Prenatal, Postnatal, Gentle, or Level 1-2 Yoga classes.

Marlene McGrath offers weekly yoga classes and periodic yoga workshops in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Her style of teaching yoga is clear, friendly, accessible, precise, and emanates from a strong foundation of her own regular study and practice of yoga. She enjoys getting to know each student and can help students modify yoga postures for specific issues. The gentle and prenatal classes are paced and supported for a variety of students issues.

“Thank you so much for setting up a warm, supportive community. This class has made such a difference to me over the course of my pregnancy and I know many women have felt the same.”
-Ilana B.

Marlene has taught yoga since 1997, and currently leads a variety of classes and workshops that welcome both experienced students and those who want to give yoga a try for the first time.  She offers general yoga classes for students of all ages, as well as classes specifically designed for pre and postnatal moms.  Her prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are specifically designed to support the changes of a pregnant body, instill confidence in the body’s abilities, and provide physical, mental, and emotional preparation for birth and mothering.

“You have shown me that I can practice yoga with arthritis and fibromyalgia, and even enjoy it! You have opened up a new world of possibilities to me. I really can’t thank you enough.”
-Kathy C.

With all of her teaching, Marlene seeks to empower students to understand their own bodies and to embrace the changes that come at all ages and stages of life.   She demonstrates and describes postures to give students insights into each pose, and helps modify yoga poses to meet individual student’s abilities and needs.

All classes are held at Yoga Focus which is fully equipped with yoga props, changing areas, restrooms, and parking. Please wear comfortable clothing. Yoga is practiced in bare feet.